Wednesday, 6 November 2013

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Joint Venture

Welcome to my blog.  This is my journey from tweeting (follow me on Twitter @synovial joints ) to blogging. I started tweeting in September 2013 to find out who was attending the 2013 American Congress of the Rheumatology (ACR) in San Diego. Very quickly, I was able  to make  contact with rheumatologists across the world. What impressed me more was the rapid exchange and dissemination of information. The tweets were updates from meetings, seminars, conferences attended or articles read. These were sent out in real time. There is no system that can match the speed of these medical updates. This however relies on the goodwill of fellow rheumatologists and patients willing to share and discuss information, thoughts and ideas. I call this a Joint Venture.

This Joint Venture was best demonstrated at the #ACR 13 in San Diego where there was rapid fire of tweets across the many sessions at the conference. It added a new dimension to the ACR which I have been attending for a decade. I had a chance to meet the people who make this Joint Venture possible at the  ACR Tweetup evening. This has encouraged me to share my thoughts and ideas on my new blog. Hope you enjoy reading future posts from my blog!

New friends met at the ACR Tweetup 2013, San Diego.


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